Don’t Grow Your Business Alone

In a nutshell SUBS offer free networking and learning events providing you with the opportunity to meet likeminded businesses as well as our local SUBS Business Partners

“Leave every meeting with new contacts, fresh opportunities and knowledge”

Our History

SUBS started back in 2014 with just 12 Business Partners who were passionate about helping small and start-up businesses.  Which is where Start-Up Business Services (SUBS) began.  Today, with almost double the SUBS Business Partners, our focus has changed to supporting all local businesses within the community.  But as we like the acronym SUBS, we decided to keep it.  Plus, it’s also a great reminder of our origins.

How We Help

At SUBS, we understand that launching and growing your business is challenging.  That’s why we hand-pick local SUBS Business Partners to support you on your journey.  You’ll benefit from their expertise at our business seminars and roundtable events with actionable advice and takeaway tips to help your business grow.   And, when your business needs support from specialist service providers, our partners are on hand to help.

Our local business partners are carefully selected for their expertise, warmth and friendliness.  Whether you need a social media guru, support with finance, human resources or something else, we can put you in touch with a quality service provider.

We also hold networking and social events where you’ll develop lasting relationships with other local business owners and beyond.

It costs nothing to join and there are no hidden fees because our events are fully funded.  You’ll leave every meeting with new contacts, fresh opportunities and knowledge to help your business succeed.

And by being part of your local SUBS Team, you’ll be helping your local business community to thrive.

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