We handpick people we know, like and trust to become local SUBS Partners. Because we only endorse people we’ve already worked with, or those with personal recommendations from group members, you can be certain you’re dealing with quality service providers.


SUBS Partners are also chosen for their supportive attitudes to small businesses.  We only have one partner per business niche so there’s no confusion about who does what.  This makes it easy for our members to know who to approach for support.

“I knew nothing about VAT or tax returns.  SUBS introduced me to the right service providers to help me and, in return, I was able to extend my services to help other members.” Simone

“I’ve benefitted from SUBS by meeting people who had really good advice about starting up a local business.  Before I even became self-employed, I received lots of validation about my business idea.  Now, two years on, I’m running a successful business and I’m fully involved as a SUBS Partner.” Steve